The Original Star Wars FAQ

The texts below constitute the last known version of the original Star Wars FAQ, a document posted on several Star Wars Usenet newsgroups during the 1990s.

This FAQ is a snapshot of Star Wars and its place on the internet two months before Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace premiered. The world of Star Wars and its fandom has exploded in infinite directions since the release of the entire prequel trilogy. As Lucasfilm prepares for another set of Star Wars films, it is interesting to look at what were considered important questions at the time.

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Subject: FAQ: Star Wars FAQ, Part 1 of 2
Last-modified: 08-MAR-1999


Frequently Asked Questions and Sources of Information

George ‘Jake’ Tringali < >

Changes from the last month’s edition of the FAQ:

Part 1:
– Added and (thanks J.D.R.)
– Changed Question 1 to update the new release date

Part 2:
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Non-FAQ related News:
– I asked MovieLink when tickets for Phantom would go on sale. They replied: “We are still in the developmental stages of how to sell these tickets. I will keep your email address on file”. I’ll let you know when I hear an answer.


In the 1970’s, George Lucas created the Star Wars universe.

From this universe came three films and numerous books, comics, games, and merchandise. The universe also spawned many Star Wars fans, who occasionally find their way onto the Internet where they can discuss Star Wars with other fans.

Certain topics come up again and again. They are good questions, and the answers may not be immediately obvious, but each time they recur, much net bandwidth and reader time is wasted on repetitive responses, and on tedious corrections to the incorrect answers which are inevitably posted.

This document, which is posted monthly, attempts to answer these common questions definitively and succinctly, so that net discussion can move on to more constructive topics.

The information included in this document comes from various Usenet newsgroups, most notably the rec.arts.sf.starwars.* newsgroups, and various publications. Most of the information in this document has been confirmed. If any of the information listed below is based on rumor, it is clearly stated. If you encounter any items in this document which you believe to be erroneous or missing, please feel free to drop a message to < >.

The most current version of the FAQ is available at

This document is posted monthly to and rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc


If you don’t understand terms like “flaming,” “ftp,” “HTML,” “WWW”, “newsgroup,” or “FAQ,” or you are new to Usenet and the Web, then this would be a good time to jump over to the newsgroup called “news.announce.newusers” and read some of the messages posted there. The information found in “news.announce.newusers” will be essential to understanding Usenet culture and a lot of the terms and abbreviations that appear here and elsewhere. Reading articles that explain Usenet etiquette (“netiquette”) will also be helpful.

For example, it’s always a good idea to “lurk” (i.e., read messages and not write them) when you join a new newsgroup. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) lists like this one will appear, and you’ll be able to understand what topics are discussed. It’s a good idea to always read the FAQ before posting.

Because a primer on Usenet (and the Internet) is beyond the scope of this FAQ list, I humbly direct you to “news.announce.newusers” for more information. If you want to ask a question about the Net, please ask in the newsgroup “news.newusers.questions” and reserve discussions about Star Wars for “rec.arts.sf.starwars.*”.

The most common netiquette mistakes made by Star Wars fans are :

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3. Not marking spoilers. Have you ever had anyone tell you the ending of a movie/book before you got to experience it? This is a spoiler, and it can be done through the Internet. If you are posting sensitive information, please place the text “SPOILERS” in the title and body of the message.

1. Will there be any more Star Wars movies? When are they coming?

Answer : Yes. Here are some facts.
– George Lucas is directing the first prequel, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The first phase of principal photography ended on September 26, 1997. Filming ended in 1998.
– Star Wars: Episode I will be released on May 19, 1999 in the United States.
– Lucas was planning on using video only (no film) for the first prequel, but due to technical difficulties with the wide-screen, this will have to wait until the second prequel. Rick McCallum estimates that there will be “up to 1,500 shots” of visual effects.
– With the aid of a computer, Yoda will be able to walk in the prequels.
– An earlier version of C-3PO and R2-D2 will be in the films.
– According to an MTV interview, Boba Fett will be in the prequels.
– Rick McCallum has said that Anakin will be married in the second prequel.
– The SECOND trailer will be available in March 1999.
– Episodes 2 and 3 will be shot at Fox Studios Australia.
– They are each budgeted at $120 million (US).
– Episode 2 will begin shooting in April 2000 and Episode 3 in 2003.
– Lucas is entertaining the notion of directing Episodes 2 and 3 himself.

2. Who is in the new movies?

Answer: Liam Neeson plays a Jedi master who teaches Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Ewan McGregor plays the young Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Jake Lloyd plays an 9-year old Anakin Skywalker.
Natalie Portman is playing the Queen.
Pernilla August is playing Shmi Skywalker, who is Anakin’s mother.

Other people in the prequels will be

Ian McDiarmind Frank Oz Samuel L. Jackson
Ahmed Best Adrian Dunbar Terence Stamp
Oliver Ford Davies Ray Park Jerome Blake
Warwick Davis Kenny Baker Hugh Quarshie
Cin Khan Bonfils Alan Ruscoe
Michelle Taylor Michaela Cottrell John Fensom
Liz Wilson Christina DiSilva Silas Carson
Brian Blessed Khruv Chanchani Ray Park
Margaret Towner Ralph Brown Celia Imrie
Andy Secombe Oliver Walpole

John Williams will create the score for the new movies.

James Earl Jones will be heard at the end of Episode 3, according to a Lucas interview with Leonard Maltin in February 1997.

3. What about the Star Wars movies that contain stories that take place after the events in Return of the Jedi?

Answer: The flip-flopping continues…

– AUGUST 1977 – Rolling Stone – Lucas explains he wants 9 movies – a ‘trilogy of trilogies’.
– JANUARY 1997 – Mr. Showbiz – Lucas said “Whether I go and do a sequel of this – because I’ll also be seventy [Laughs] – I’m not sure whether that’s going to happen. ”
– FEBRUARY 1997 – Entertainment Tonight – George Lucas said that he was planning on creating three more movies, so that his vision of a 9 movie Star Wars saga would come true.
– OCTOBER 1997 – Reuters – In an interview with Lucas, Reuters reports “He also plans a final trio of movies, set long after the first ‘Star Wars’ films.”
– OCTOBER 1997 – Star Wars Insider – When asked on this point, Lucas says “Six episodes.”
– AUGUST 1998 – Steve Sansweet – “He [Lucas] is on the record as saying six films will really tell the main story of the Skywalker family that he wants to tell and whether he’ll ever want to do three more films or one more film or anything like that remains to be seen after he’s finished
the first three…He’s certainly not ruling them out, but he’s certainly not ruling them in.”

4. Who is writing the new Star Wars films?

Answer: Lucas will write the first draft for all three movies, and second and additional drafts will be written by other writers. According to Marc Hedlund and Lynn Hale of Lucasfilm Ltd., Carrie Fisher has NOT assisted in rewriting the dialogue for the prequel scripts.

5. Will 20th Century Fox distribute the new trilogy?

Answer: 20th Century Fox will handle the worldwide theatrical and video distribution for Episodes I, II, and III. Fox Broadcasting has licensed the network broadcasting rights to Ep I.

Kevin J. Anderson has confirmed that 20th Century Fox Television approached Lucasfilm with a pitch for a television series based on the post-ROTJ exploits of Jacen & Jaina, popularized in Anderson’s Young Jedi Knights novels and introduced as the children of Han and Leia Organa Solo in Dark Horse’s Dark Empire. Wanting to devote all its energies into production of “The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition” and the upcoming prequels, Lucasfilm replied, “not until the movies come out.”

6. What is the order of the Star Wars books? What literature is available in the Star Wars universe?

Answer: The Star Wars Literature Compendium is written, compiled, and updated by Michael K. Beidler < >. The Web site itself is maintained by Rich Handley < >. You can reach this invaluable site at:

7. Are Alec Guinness, Frank Oz, and Peter Cushing dead?
Answer: Sir Alec Guinness played James in the 1996 BBC film “Eskimo Day”. Frank Oz is working on the film “Bowfinger’s Big Thing”.

Unfortunately, it is true that Peter Cushing passed away in August 1994.

8. What other projects are Lucas’ companies working on?


LUCASFILM LTD. includes all of George Lucas’ feature film and television activities as well as the business activities of the THX Group and Licensing. Lucasfilm is working on the Star Wars prequels. There is also a fourth Indiana Jones production waiting in the wings. THX recently worked on these titles:
– As Good As It Gets
– Deconstructing Harry

Lucasfilm THX announced in November 1998 that Warner Bros. will increased its THX certified screens worldwide from 9 to 300 over the next 3 years. There are currently over 2000 THX certified theaters worldwide.

LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY will publish X-Wing: Alliance, which will, among MANY other things, allow you to fly the Millenium Falcon.

Nintendo outbid Sony for upcoming Star Wars themed games. You can be on the lookout for a Nintendo 64 game based on Episode I by LucasArts. They will be released in May 1999. The agreement also includes the licensing for “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron,” a new Nintendo 64 game based on the original “Star Wars” movie that will be released on Dec. 7, 1998. All titles will also be released on the Game Boy platform.

Mary Bihr at LucasArts says “That doesn’t preclude [games] coming out on other platforms eventually.”

LUCAS LEARNING will unite George Lucas’ vision for education with his passion for quality entertainment. They released ‘Star Wars DroidWorks’, a strategy game, on CD-ROM in November 1998.

LUCAS DIGITAL LTD. includes Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light and Magic. Upcoming projects include
– Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
– Star Wars: Episode II
– Star Wars: Episode III
– The Mummy for Universal Pictures (Spring 1999)
– Frankenstein for Universal Pictures (Summer 2000)
– Dogma (Kevin Smith) for Miramax (Fall 1999) (psst…my wife dies at the hands of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as an extra in this flick!)

9. I have something called “Episode III : Fall of the Republic”. Is it the real thing?

Answer: No. It was written by John Flynn. This is fanfiction. In reality, Episode III has not been written yet. John Flynn also wrote an article for CINESCAPE in which he describes the plot and characters of Episodes I, II, and III, but he neglects to tell them that his interpretation of the plot and characters are just his own fanfiction and his own speculations.

10. What are the Clone Wars?

Answer : The Clone Wars seem to be a war between the Jedi and some unknown enemy. The Timothy Zahn ‘Star Wars’ books say that there was a technology that could clone warriors to create legions of troops. However, this may or may not be used by Lucas.

11. What are the differences in the soundtrack of the released Star Wars: A New Hope and the currently available ones?

Answer: There are now five different versions of the soundtrack: 70mm 6 track, 35mm stereo, 35mm mono, THX, and THX for the Special Editions. It is WAY beyond the scope of this FAQ to detail the differences.

12. Wasn’t Return of the Jedi originally Revenge of the Jedi?

Answer: Yes. A lot of promotional material was printed with this title. The title was changed because revenge is not Jedi-like, and the studio wanted to avoid confusion with an upcoming movie named “Star Trek II: Vengence of Khan”, which later became “Wrath of Khan”. While filming in certain locations, the workers said they were making a film called “Blue Harvest : Horror Beyond Imagination” to keep away Star Wars fans.

13. What Star Wars related items have appeared on television?

Answer: Each movie had a “making of” TV special. You can find them at some video stores. They are “The Making of Star Wars” (1977), “SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980), and “Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi” (1983)

In 1978, “The Star Wars Holiday Special” aired for its only showing. The special was about Chewie visiting his family on his home planet. Most of the major movie characters had cameos. There was a short cartoon in the middle which showed Boba Fett. If you ask around on the Star Wars newsgroups, you can usually find someone who will sell you a copy of this. You can also contact Dog Star Collectibles for a copy of the special and the “making of” TV specials at < >.

There were two Ewok movies. They were “The Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage” and “The Ewoks: Battle for Endor”. There was a season of animated comic “The Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour.” In the second season, the show became the half-hour “Ewoks” show.

In 1985, PBS aired “From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga”, which was available with the boxed set of the trilogy.

14. What is Hardware Wars?

Answer: Hardware Wars is a 13-minute, very funny, very low budget parody of Star Wars. You can find it at some video stores, on a tape called “Hardware Wars and other film farces,” which also contains three other short films: “Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind”, “Bambi Meets Godzilla”, and “Porklips Now”, which, like Hardware Wars, were made by Ernie Fosselius. For more information, point your WWW browser to

Hardware Wars: The Special Edition was released in 1997. No kidding.

15. What is the Journal of the Whills?

Answer: This is mentioned in the introduction to the Star Wars novelization and hardly anywhere else. Its significance is unclear, but it might be similar in concept to the Red Book of Westmarch, the ficticious book from which Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings story supposedly comes.

16. How did Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford get their scars?

Answer: Mark Hamill went through the windshield of his BMW in California. Harrison Ford received his 2-inch scar in a car accident in his early 20s. ‘Luke Skywalker’ got his scar after an encounter with a Wampa Ice Creature during The Empire Strikes Back, and ‘Han Solo’ got his scar in the Corporate Sector (Brian Daley’s Han Solo book trilogy).

17. Why did Han Solo refer to parsecs as a unit of time?

Answer: He was lying to Ben and Luke and trying to make himself look good. This is shown in the novel adaptation and the script of ‘A New Hope’. If you look at the movie (and in the script), Ben gives Han a disbelieving face after this line. Kevin Anderson gives an alternate answer in his Star Wars books, which deals with travelling near black holes.

18. Why is a B-wing called a B-wing?

Answer: It is shaped like a “B”lade.

19. Was Cliff Claven from Cheers in a Star Wars movie?

Answer: John Ratzenberger, who portrayed the Cliff Claven character on Cheers, was Major Derlin in “The Empire Strikes Back”. He tells Leia that “there’s nothing more we can do tonight. The shield doors must be closed.” Later, before the battle on Hoth, Derlin instructs the fighters “Okay. Everybody to your stations. Let’s go!”.

20. Did you know the stormtrooper hit his head?

Answer: Yes, we all know that. Every month or so, someone drops in with this question. It happens so often that it’s now a joke on the Star Wars newsgroups. When the stormtroopers find the droids in the Death Star, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen bumps his head… pretty hard too.

21. What is GONK?

Answer: A long time ago, in rec.arts.sf.starwars (rest in peace), the Gonk Wars raged. Gonk is the power droid that you can see throughout the movies. It is a black cube with silver legs that says “Gonk”. You can see Gonk best in the Jawa’s Sandcrawler in ‘A New Hope’. Many Star Wars fans believed that Gonk was a God and that the whole movie was about Gonk and the characters of Luke, Leia, and Han were just bit parts. In any case, we hope never to have a Gonk War again since it took up so much traffic in r.a.s.s.

22. What does the Hebrew lettering on Darth Vader’s chestplate mean?

Answer: The chestplate can be seen at

The readers of rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc have been researching this topic. The readers believe that it is indeed Hebrew lettering. Some possible translations are “until he won” (where ‘won’ means a prize or money as opposed to a victory) or “until a return”. David Fleischer recently wrote in saying that the first line may be “Or, and his works”, the second may be “which will move”, and the third may be “until he has won”. The sentence could also mean “His deeds will not be forgiven, until he merits”. Hmmm…

23. In Kevin Anderson’s books, it refers to a time when the Emperor was resurrected. In which book did this occur?

Answer: The Emperor was resurrected in Dark Horse’s “Star Wars : Dark Empire” comic series. You can buy the six issues separately, or you buy the trade paperback which places all the issues into a single book, and has some extra information.

24. What is THX-1138?

Answer: It is a 1970 futuristic science-fiction movie starring Robert Duvall, who plays a character named THX-1138. It was written, directed, and edited by George Lucas and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. It was adapted from his first short film that he made at his university.

– Friederich Koenig, CEO of TMH (, says “To honor the fact that Mr. Holman is the sole engineer to originate all THX technologies and businesses, Jim Kessler and George Lucas agreed that “Tom Holman’s Crossover” would serve as the sole basis for the acronym, THX (Crossovers are the parts of a loudspeaker that split the audio based on their frequency component…Mr. Holman’s patent…describes a very special crossover for the first THX theater systems.) After about a year of marketing as Tom Holman’s Crossover, the public rationale for the name become Tom Holman’s eXperiment. This was easier for salespeople to use and was more understandable by potential customers. Any relation to Mr. Lucas’s first film THX-1138 is purely coincidental. In 1996, one year after Mr. Holman and I founded TMH Corporation, Lucasfilm discontinued use of the Tom Holman’s eXperiment moniker. Recently, as the THX division becomes more driven by strictly commercial interests, the THX marketing department has attempted to reorient the public’s understanding of the origin of all that is THX.”
– The name of the movie is also found on Pinky and the Brain’s chalkboard in the Animaniacs animated series.
– THX-138 is on the license plate of a car in another Lucas movie “American Graffiti”.
– Luke says “Prisoner transfer from block 1138” on the Death Star.
– In the novelization of “A New Hope”, the stormtrooper whose uniform Luke wears is designated THX-1138.
– Rieeken says “Send Rogues Ten and Eleven to station three-eight” on Hoth.
– Noel Nelson reports that a speeder has the license plate THX-1138 at the Star Tours ride in Disneyland.
– Peter Leyshan reports that THX1138 is the name of a container in the LucasArts game ‘TIE Fighter’.
– There are many more obscure ones, too many to be mentioned here. One includes a car in a Danish comic that has THX 138 on it.

25. When Han is lowered into the carbon freezing chamber, he is wearing handcuffs. Why do they disappear when he escapes in Jabba’s Palace?

Answer: You were probably watching the Pan and Scan version of the movie. The Pan and Scan version was made for televisions, and therefore cuts out the sides of the movie. If you watch the letterbox version, you can clearly see two ugnaughts walk in front of him and take off the handcuffs.

I would like to thank all the Star Wars fans that help me ‘spread the word’. These (and many other unmentioned) people deserve credit for this part of the FAQ. If you see any of them, pat them on the back and get them your local equivalent of Corellian Rum.

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Subject: FAQ: Star Wars FAQ, Part 2 of 2
Last-modified: 01-MAR-1998

There is a lot of information regarding Star Wars on the Internet. This information has been placed on the ‘Net by companies, and by Star Wars fans. If you think that some information is wrong or missing from this document, please contact me at < >.

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The best places to find other online Star Wars fans are in Usenet newsgroups.
The most relevant Star Wars newsgroups are:

Group name: (moderated)
Moderator: Gus Lopez and Josh Ling
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Other newsgroups include:

The Official Star Wars Web Site is located at

The WWW (World Wide Web) has many, many Star Wars sites. The URLs listed below are the sites with the most information on them.

Star Wars Literature Compendium

Boba Fett Page

The Star Wars Bible

The Star Wars Collectors Archive

Star Wars Page for German-speaking people

Star Wars Page for Spanish-speaking people

KoBra Star Wars MUD Home Page

Some company online contacts are:

Lucas Digital Limited Recruiting

Lucas Learning

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.
Tom Dupree < > Senior Editor, Bantam


The LEGO Group

Random House
< >

Dark Horse Comics
< >

Putnam Berkley Publishing

THX Home Page
< >

Skywalker Sound

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
< >

Cedco Publishing Company
< >

Chronicle Books


Hasbro Toys

Lewis Galoob Toys


Sound Source Interactive

Dog Star Collectibles – for a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special, < > and the “Making of” TV specials.

Michael Wiese Productions – Hardware Wars
Michael Wiese < >

The Star Wars Mailing List used to sends out bi-monthly newsletters to over 1,500 members. They are now Web-based and available at NOTE: This Web site is down temporarily. We will inform you when it is up again.

If you would like to be added to the Star Wars Role Playing Gamers mailing list, send email to < >. The text of the body should have the line “subscribe sw-rpg Yourfirstname Yourlastname” (without the quotes) and nothing else. — Jae Walker

The Internet Movie Database contains LOTS of information. Go to or on the WWW.

There are Star Wars MUSHes and MUDs that you can access. If you ask around on the Usenet newsgroups, someone may tell you how to access these MUD/MUSHes. Here is a description of Star Wars: The Minos Cluster.

Star Wars: The Minos Cluster. The Mush is set in the time after ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in a small cluster on the rim, largely ignored by most places. Supplies are limited, and the cluster is the last to know about anything. Of course, the Empire still fights the growing Rebellion, with little help from the Core, who fight their own battles and care little about a few backwater worlds and revolting farmers. The Syndicate, a powerful underworld cartel, supplies the citizens with drugs, and illegal supplies. The Minos Mestra corp, an offshoot of the CSA, mines asteroids for minerals, while hanging in the delicate balance of neutrality. It’s a place where people struggle to survive and make do with what they have. It’s a place where anything is possible.

Star Wars: The Minos Cluster is fully “In Character”, with working space, combat, skills system, experience system, economy, cargo, etc. Login as guest and follow the instructions to get a character.

Address: 4202
Cachenet.Com 4202
Email: < >

If anyone knows of other MUD/MUSHes that would like to have an introductory paragraph in the FAQ, please feel free to send me mail about them.

The song “Yoda” by “Weird Al” Yankovic was a parody of the song “Lola” by The Kinks. The lyrics can be found at the International Lyrics Server

The America Online Star Wars Fan Club is a collection of over 1,700 fans on AOL and the Internet. In addition to message boards and software libraries, the club holds several online chats, trivia games, and role-playing games each week.

The HoloCroN, the club electronic newsletter, covers Star Wars fandom online and features news, reviews, original artwork, and just about everything Star Wars related except fan fiction.

If you’d like to be added to AOL Star Wars Fan Club mailing list, e-mail < >.

The LucasFilm Fan Club is a great source of information. Membership is $9.95 in the United States, $12.00 for Cananda, and $21.95 for Foreign mailings. This includes The Star Wars Insider. The Fan Club publishes a quarterly magazine called The Star Wars Insider, which features articles on the people that made and are continuing to make the Star Wars universe. Included in the Insider are order forms for Star Wars merchandise. The Star Wars Insider can also be bought at local book, comic, and toy stores.

You can contact the LucasFilm Fan Club at :
The LucasFilm Fan Club
P.O. Box 111000,
Aurora, CO 80011, USA

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine is a Topps licensed publication from Lucasfilm. It is published quarterly and is full-color. It is the only magazine to focus on all aspects of the Star Wars Galaxy: upcoming licensed product news, Classic Star Wars news, insider interviews, gaming, trading cards, all-new comics, collectibles, book excerpts, and the Net. Every issue has exclusive contests and giveaways. Each direct market and subscriber issue is polybagged with exclusive premiums. These have included ashcan comics, chrome trading cards, promotional trading cards and posters.

SWGM supports an e-mail address < >. Users cannot subscribe to the magazine on-line. SWGM is sold primarily in comic book shops, but is also available on newsstands and through home subscription. Home delivery follows two weeks after direct market shipping, as SWGM is printed in Canada. To subscribe:
Kable News Fulfillment
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Phone queries: 815-734-5822.

NOTE: Bob Woods, the editor of the magazine receives messages sent to < >. Any messages sent to this address are considered “letters-to-the-editor”, so you should not expect a personal reply.