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"I have a bad feeling about this..."
Count Dooku Lightsaber

 Just press the button to light up the glowing arc-wave energy blade! Power-activation "humming" sound! Lightsaber extends to over 3 feet long! Battle-clash sounds activated on contact!
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Part 4: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

5) Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

A.  Wasn't ROTJ originally Revenge of the Jedi?

Yes. A lot of promotional material was printed with this title. The title was changed because revenge is not Jedi-like, and the studio wanted to avoid confusion with an upcoming movie named "Star Trek II: Vengeance of Kahn", which later became "Wrath of Kahn". While filming in certain locations, the workers said they were making a film called "Blue Harvest : Horror Beyond Imagination" to keep away Star Wars fans.

B.  What are the black things on the Emperor in the Throne Room?

Bad special effects. They tried to cover up parts of the Emperor's face with the black "white-out". These are often referred to by fans as the "Emperor's slugs".

Part 6: Misc. Questions

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